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Cat Amazing: Classic

Cat Amazing


Challenge their senses, stimulate their hunting drive, and bring the excitement they’ve been missing indoors with the interactive puzzle feeders from Cat Amazing! This irresistible puzzle box that caught the eye of Lori Greiner on ABC’s Shark Tank, is the perfect gift for every cat and cat lover on your list.

Cat Amazing Highlights:
-Boredom busting treat puzzles bring the thrill of the hunt to indoor cats
-Stimulates their instinct to scratch, sniff and retrieve
-Slows down eating for healthy digestion and weight control
-Features multiple difficulty levels
-Crafted with reinforced, 100% recyclable cardboard
-100% plant-based and biodegradable materials
-Veterinarian-recommended for mental stimulation, activity through play, and healthy eating habits
-BioPreferred certification from the USDA certifying that our products are made from 100% biobased materials - the first and only puzzle feeders with distinction!
-Download their Ultimate Guide to Indoor Cat Enrichment for FREE!

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