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BYB: Vitamin Boosted Hydration is HERE!

Better Your Buzz


Healthy vitamin infused hydration is HERE!! Initially created as a cocktail and mocktail mixer, Balance Your Buzz can also be enjoyed as a recovery drink for the morning after or post-workout, and as a supplement to help boost immunity. The BYB proactive formula is full of essential vitamins that help keep you hydrated and feeling fresh the next day. Each packet is travel-sized and can easily be tossed in your wallet or purse for a weekend of traveling or hours of tailgating for your favorite team.

Balance Your Buzz Highlights:
- NO alcohol is included in these mixers
- Balance Your Buzz was developed to replenish what alcohol depletes
- Formulated by a naturopathic physician who’s created supplements for years
- 5 Delicious Flavors: Passion Fruit, Mixed Berry, Coconut Blood Orange, Lemon Lime, & Apple Cider
- Diet-friendly with benefits:
- Keto-friendly, Gluten-free, Low calorie, & Low carbs
- No preservatives: All pure ingredients
- No sodium: Includes anti-inflammatories
- No sugar: Naturally sweetened & supports stable blood sugar
- Vitamin-, antioxidant-, & electrolyte-rich

Instructions: Simply add the packet to 8 oz or more of water (and your choice of alcohol if you’re making a cocktail) for a better tomorrow. All flavors were developed to mix with alcohol. Passion Fruit, Mixed Berry, Coconut Blood Orange, and Lemon Lime are made best with tequila or vodka. Apple Cider is made best warm or cold with whisky or vodka.

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