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Brrrn - The Home Gym That Fits Under Your Couch



Most traditional workouts (cycling, rowing and running) focus solely on forward and backward movements and overlook lateral (side-to-side) exercises—which can lead to muscular imbalances and chronic injuries.

The solution? Sliding into a well-balanced routine thanks to Brrrn — the leaders of lateral movement training and creators of the award-winning Brrrn slide board and on-demand subscription.

The Benefits of Slide Board Workouts:
Tones your core, glutes and inner/outer thighs
Improves balance, mobility, and bodily awareness
Reduces the risk of injuries and muscular imbalances in your knees, hip, core and back
Offers a fun, low-impact cardio solution for all ages and fitness levels
Burns up to 500 calories in 30 minutes

Why The Brrrn Board?
Used by 23,000+ people at their Manhattan based studio from 2018-2020
Trusted and beloved by professional and Olympic athletes
Made with a chic design and easy grip handle to conveniently store at home
Adjusts easily from 6ft to 5ft for kids and first timers
Arrives pre-assembled with accessories and easy to follow instructions
Designed to be used on all surfaces (i.e. hardwood floors, carpet, outdoor decks)

The On-Demand Subscription:
Features hundreds of fun and challenging workouts from 20+ instructors
Offers 10+ categories designed for all fitness levels
Filters your classes by time, equipment and instructor
Provides a selection of curated music stations to choose with each class
Showcases performance metrics and your favorite workouts
Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play

$349 - Includes the board and 1 year subscription
Available at, Skimlinks, Amazon, Target, & Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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