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Bricklettes™ - The New Bricks On The Block



Bricklettes™ Are The New Bricks On The Block
- Bricklettes™ are 30% larger, 40% stronger, and 100% cuter than the cardboard building blocks you grew up with!
- Each block is a large size, stackable up to 2 feet tall with no deceptively small blocks included
- Lightweight and safe for noise-free tumbling, each block can hold up to 150 lbs., featuring a matte, non-slip texture
- The neutral colors and realistic patterns reduce overstimulation, and the original white brick pattern is - perfectly gender-neutral for the whole family
- Inspired by brightly colored brick blocks of the past, the aesthetically pleasing brick patterns evoke nostalgia with a modern twist
- Designed to blend calmly with any home decor, these essential STEM toys suit even the most minimalistic homes and promote inclusive play
- Built with food-safe cardboard and water-based inks, complying with US & European regulations (FDA, RoHS, and REACH SVHC)
- Each block is capable of withstanding typical toddler behaviors like kicking and throwing and are backed by a happiness guarantee
- Designed by structural engineers for durability and proudly made in the USA
- A tree is planted for every restock order of the blocks
- As seen in Vogue

Pricing: Sets starting at $54.99 - to learn more, visit:

P.S.Bricklettes™ is on ShareASale (ID 41395) Skimlinks!

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