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BLITHE Sunscreen: Moisturizing SPF for Your Skin

BLITHE Cosmetic


Add Sun Protection to Your Skincare Routine with BLITHE!

From cleanser and toner to moisturizer and sunscreen, cover all your bases without cluttering up your counter with the minimalist beauty brand BLITHE Cosmetics.

Their multi-purpose line is designed to target your specific skin concerns and includes two nourishing sunscreens to help protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Honest Sunscreen:
-- For sensitive skin and reducing the risk of irritation and redness
-- Provides SPF 50 protection
-- pH of 5.5 to protect and support the skin barrier
-- Deeply nourishing and hydrating
-- Easy to apply and absorbs quickly
-- Leaves no white cast
-- Reef-safe
-- 100% Oxybenzone free
-- Safe and effective for all skin types!
-- Makeup friendly

Airy Sunscreen:
-- For tone correction and oil control
-- Fluid type sunscreen is ultralight
-- Leaves a soft, matte look
-- Provides SPF 50 protection
-- 8 kinds of plant extract help prevent excessive sebum and reduce enlarged pores
-- Zinc oxide is safe for sensitive skin
-- Safe and effective for all skin types!
-- Makeup friendly

Blithe’s sunscreens are free of fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde, and PEGs, making them the gentle finishing touch your daily routine needs.

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