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bearbark Pet Scratcher & Grooming Toy



From the creators of the ultimate human back scratcher comes a tool just for pets: the bearbark Pet Scratcher & Grooming Toy!

Not only will your furry friend love being scratched, but the bearbark also minimizes shedding and removes particles stuck in their fur. Thanks to the long extendable handle, you can comfortably sit or stand while still giving your pup a little love.

Bearbark Highlights:
- Fun way to play with your pet!
- Extendable handle gives you the ability to scratch standing or sitting
- Handle extends from 21” to 30”
- 3” long flexible teeth help minimize tangles and minimizes shedding
- Removes dirt and other particles stuck in their fur
- 5” wide scratching head can reach all their favorite spots

bearback, the home of bearbark, also has human self-care tools! Check out the original bearback and its handy attachments for moisturizing, exfoliating, massaging, and, of course, scratching!

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