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bearback Dry Brush: Easy Way to Get Energized



Whether it’s dry skin as temperatures begin to drop or a quick way to get energized in the morning, give your body a total glow over with bearback’s Dry Brush for Back and Body!

Thanks to its ergonomically folding handle, you’ll leave your entire body – including the hard-to-reach spots – with an invigorating feeling while getting rid of flaky skin, unclogging your pores, increasing blood circulation, & more!

Simply use the bearback Dry Brush right before the shower to exfoliate your skin & remove toxins, leaving your skin with a radiant glow!

bearback Dry Brush Highlights:
-Rejuvenate your skin in just 5 minutes a day!
-Brush away dull, flaky skin cells for softer, smoother skin
-Stimulates your circulation
-Feel energized and invigorated by the gentle touch of its bristles
-Use on your back, legs, arms, and more!
-Ergonomic curve provides the perfect amount of pressure
-Foldable design is made for easy travel and storage
-Brush head can also be removed for handheld brushing
-Extends to 17” from 9.5”
-Great gift idea for anyone in your life!

To further your pampering session, check out bearback’s additional attachments, including a lotion roller, massager, and back scratcher.

Learn more at & available on Amazon
$24.97 for Dry Brush for Back and Body
$8.97 for additional attachments

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