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Be-Tween: Healthy Skincare for Tweens



Tweens exist in an in-between phase; they’re not babies anymore but not yet adults. That’s why it’s important for them to use skincare products that address their needs but aren’t too mature for their skin.

Be-Tween was founded by Namhee, a parent of tween children. She grew up in Korea and her own mother taught her the importance of skin care. Namhee knew that her kids weren’t ready for harsh anti-acne treatments and masks, so she created the brand with them in mind

Be-Tween Skincare Products:
- Aloe Cleansing Ball Face Cleanser. Our gentle face cleanser freshens young faces without drying them out. Put the moisturizing cleansing ball into the included mesh bag, run it under water, and apply the lather to a damp face. How cool is that!
- Aloe Moisturizer Face Lotion. Perfect for a tween’s changing skin, this moisturizer contains squalane, hyaluronic acid, and aloe.
- Aloe Mask Powder. Finally, a skin mask that’s gentle enough for tweens! Mix this with equal parts water and face. It locks in moisture and helps acne-prone skin.
- Aloe Ultimate Skincare Bundle. This money-saving bundle will jump start your tween’s skin care routine. Order now for 10% savings!

Be-Tween skincare is simple, fun, and safe for all skin types. We do not test our products on animals and design them to be gentle and effective. Your tween will love how their skin looks and feels…and will love you for getting these products for them!

Price: Starting at $17.99.
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