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Banana Phone: Discover an A-peeling Gift for Everyone on Your List

Banana Phone


Are you tired of giving the same old gifts every year? Looking for a fun and creative gift that will have everyone in stitches?

Meet the Banana Phone - a Bluetooth-enabled handset that doubles as a speaker and has become a viral sensation, capturing hearts and smiles wherever it goes!
Banana Phone Highlights:
- Wacky Conversation Starter: The Banana Phone is not just a phone - it's a talking point, an icebreaker, and a source of endless amusement
- Impressive Technical Features: Boasting a 60 ft Bluetooth range, 20-hour talk time, and easily rechargeable via micro USB, it ensures a seamless experience
- Versatility at its Core: Use it to make phone calls or play your favorite tunes, the Banana phone can connect to any of your devices
- Contribution to Conservation: With 1% of annual sales dedicated to gorilla conservation, the Banana phone embodies a commitment to the environment

Say yes to spreading bunches of holiday fun with the Banana Phone!

Price: $39.99 - Learn more on
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